Please note that currently, we are not accepting online bookings or reservations. Stay safe.


Situated in the heart of the lanes, Bohemia Brighton is a relaxed day time venue serving a freshly prepared menu from from midday, every day of the week. Bohemia Brighton currently serves a special lockdown menu. All food is prepared fresh and in house, with quality ingredients.

During the week, food service at Bohemia Brighton takes a break between 3pm and 6pm, then continues through until 9 pm, but is non stop until 9 pm on the weekends. The extensive lockdown menu is signposted for all dietary requirements and ideal for pleasing a diverse crowd; the vegan and vegetarian dishes have been specially prepared for the menu

In the evening Bohemia transforms into a late night lounge and cocktail bar. If you expect a little theatre with your cocktail, Bohemia Brighton is the place to go. Smartly suited mixologists whip up an array of spectacular cocktails, with both visual and taste wow factors; think dry ice, neon luminescence and premium spirits!

Our same team are eagerly waiting to greet you with the best cocktails in Brightons favourite late night venue, but you will see a few changes to the building. We have been busy behind-the-scenes following the Government Guidelines, placing all the necessary safety precautions throughout the venue, from hand sanitiser machines to perspex screens around the island bar. We have also taken this opportunity to refurbish some areas and add different furniture, including new comfortable seating. We hope you enjoy these exciting new additions to our interior!

For a period, Bohemia may possibly feel different to how you remember it. Alongside our normal full cocktail and drinks menu, we will be a seated-only, food based business. All staff will be wearing PPE, and you will be seated upon arrival. You will be able to order food and drinks directly from your table using an app. Information on how to do this will be on the menu at each table. Please understand that there will be restrictions to the capacity of how many people can be inside Bohemia through this period, and so we will be operating a ‘first come, first served’ service day and evening.

Bohemia invites you to come early and stay late in the most stylish surroundings Brighton has ever seen.

We look forward to serving you !